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The Top 100 Society originated in GB&I in 2021 and was formed in the U.S. in late 2022. The Society is not a business; it has no initiation fees, no annual dues, and no markup on Society gatherings.  

The Society is invitation-only and every member is a “golf course enthusiast” that belongs to a Top 100 course. Members are passionate about playing architecturally significant golf courses and want to meet others with that passion. 

The Society has carefully and selectively created a quality membership of people at these clubs, for the purpose of friendship and friendly competition. 



The Top 100 Golf Society U.S. is modeled after the Top 100 Golf Society GB&I. We are a group of golf course enthusiasts who are members at the highest rated courses in the U.S. We play friendly and competitive games with each other, with 25-30 Society gatherings each year. There is also a highly active and friendly chat group on all things golf which, whilst optional, is for many of us a highly enjoyable aspect of the Society.

The Society was founded in October 2022 and has grown rapidly through word of mouth to over 80 members. The Society will have a maximum capacity of around 180 members, to ensure a closer-knit, more intimate community. 

We have a membership committee of seven members from Top 50 clubs and the purpose of the committee is not to actively reach out to golfers to see if they’d be interested in joining, but rather to evaluate proposed members, make decisions on which clubs to allow membership from, and decide how many members will be allowed from each club.



Before we answer that, we would like to emphasize what a Society is not.

It is not something that exists for you to gain access to courses. While approximately 80 of the Top 100 courses in the U.S. are private and access does exist in this Society, that is not what a society is about. The spirit of a golf society is about camaraderie, creating memorable and fun golf experiences, reconnecting with old friends, and making new friends.

The ethos of the Society is to give as good as you get. Whilst it is great to play other courses, it is also enjoyable connecting with Society members by hosting at our home courses. Members regularly post offers for games, or to makeup a 4-some when hosting another member, on the group chat.

The central component of the Society is the gatherings. Camaraderie is built through the group interactions on the chat and in person at the gatherings. Gatherings are held at new courses, recently renovated courses, destination courses, as well as some annual staples. We also do international gatherings in the winter and summer. The gatherings are typically smaller and more intimate, with 8 to 12 Society members.  

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